Nice URLs in the core… finally?!  

Andreas Wolf

TYPO3 Contribution Onboarding  

TYPO3 Core Team

Composer best practice

Nils Adermann


Agile Programming Practices: Tales from One Thousand and One Code Reviews

Stefan Rotsch

Pipeline as Code 

Peter Förger

LAMP in Containers

Terrence Ryan

TYPO3 8 is here - how we keep EXT:solr uptodate with the TYPO3 core

Timo Hund 

Creating diversity and awareness in the TYPO3 community 

Oliver Klee

Supercharge JavaScript development inside TYPO3

Johannes Goslar

Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test. 

Peter Förger

Boost your productivity with TYPO3 Console

Helmut Hummel

Know your friends, pick the right fights  

Jeffrey A. McGuire, Mathias Schreiber

Practical Guide to Deployment of TYPO3 CMS with deployer 

Peter Niederlag

Yoast SEO for TYPO3 

Richard Haeser

Self-massage for geeks 

Oliver Klee (handout in German)

Gain Control over your Dependencies with Private Packagist

Nils Adermann

How to make a living as a dedicated TYPO3 extension developer

Jo Hasenau

How to expand your social media reach

Karen Falkenberg



t3kit - kickstart webpage in minutes 

Jozef Spisiak

Marketing Automation: an Introduction 

Jurian Janssen

Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

Peter Förger

Best dressed dev 2017

Jana Kienast

see Flickr #t3dd17

New little gems in TYPO3 v8 

Jigal van Hemert

Test-driven development for TYPO3 CMS

Oliver Klee

T3UXW - The TYPO3 User eXperience Week

Jo Hasenau

Deployment with GitLab CI

Thomas Löffler

Running TYPO3 on

Andrew Melck


Migrate to the new RTE (CKEditor) 

Frans Saris

DAM in the TYPO3 community

Henrik Malmberg


How to handle information overload 

Dan Untenzu

Combining TYPO3 CMS8 and Magento 2 

Richard Haeser //, - Bring Semantics inside your TYPO3 installation

Johannes Goslar, Olivier Dobberkau

My wife's website 

Jigal van Hemert


Speed is everything: Make your TYPO3 lightning-fast with blackfire past, present & future

Stefan Busemann


TYPO3 frontend editing

Mattias Nilsson


CCE (Custom Content Elements) - Best Practice 

Nicole Cordes

Get happy Editors with a suitable TYPO3 Backend Configuration 

Peter Kraume

Inside TYPO3 Caching

Benni Mack


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