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TYPO3 Contribution Onboarding

Name: TYPO3 Core Team
Session Description:
Get an overview of how to contribute to the TYPO3 project in various ways. Working with Git and Gerrit as our review system, as well as setting up your system for that will be explained. Having a working development environment is beneficial for participating during the coding night on friday evening.

5 Minutes of Fame - Video Podcast recording

Name: Mathias Schreiber
Session Description:Get your personal 5 minutes of fame and use that time to highlight a topic, project or extension that you’re working on. The whole track is recorded on video and each topic is published after post-production as a new episode in the TYPO3 video podcast channel on Youtube. - past, present & future

Name: Stefan Busemann
Session description:
Lets look back into the past and see how evolved. This project is a typically commuitywith all
light and shadow. I want show, what we learned in the past, want to show what thecurrent status is and
take a look in the future what we have planned. As a part of this session, Iwill present the whole toolset
we used to implement

Know your friends, pick the right fights.

Name: Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Mathias Schreiber
Why would the Product Owner of TYPO3--Mathias Schreiber, of TYPO3 CMS and the CEO of TYPO3 GmbH in Düsseldorf--be on stage with Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Evangelist at Acquia, one of the biggest contributors and commercial entities associated with Drupal? Come and join this session!

Get happy Editors with a suitable TYPO3 Backend Configuration

Name: Peter Kraume
Session Description:
This talks explains how to set up a proper permission concept for editors and how to configure the TYPO3 backend to show only the fields the editor really needs. Additional topics are login news, notes for editors, settings in the backend extenion, the rich text editor, context sensitive help (CSH) and guided tours through the TYPO3 backend.

The future of TYPO3

Name: Mathias Schreiber
Session Description:
Self explaning

Nice URLs in the core… finally?!

Name: Andreas Wolf
Session description:
Nobody wants to see "index.php?id=1234" or
"/node/2134"—human-friendly URLs are a major part of any modern
website since at least the mid-2000s. TYPO3 has been one of the first major
Open Source CMSes to offer a robust and universal solution for that. However,
that solution—called RealURL—has largely remained unchanged since the its early
days and shows some signs of its age: both editors and integrators want more
user-friendliness in 2017. From a developer’s point of view there’s also things
to wish for.
This talk will outline a concept for bringing nice URLs
to the TYPO3 core. The aim is to discuss with a broader audience and get it
done for TYPO3 v9, to be released in fall 2018.

Best dressed developer 2017

Name: Jana Kienast
Session Description:
Photo shooting to find the best dressed TYPO3 Dev for 2017. So please bring your nice clothes - we have some make-up snf og course photoshop :)

All attendees will vote for the bessed dressed dev on Sunday. The winner will get a ticket for t3dd18!

Composer Best Practices

Name: Nils Adermann
Session description:
Composer has become the standard tool for Dependency Management in PHP. While
we continuously work on improving Composer's usability and documentation, it
covers a vast amount of functionality and use cases, and dependency management
itself remains a challenge for software development. This session will cover
details on version constraints, stabilities, semantic versioning, correct use
of the lock file and more helpful tips for everyday interaction with Composer.
You should already be familiar with Composer and be eager to learn more tips & tricks.

Gain Control over your Dependencies with Private Packagist

Name: Nils Adermann
Session description:
At the end of 2016 we introduced a new tool into the PHP ecosystem to more
professionally manage dependencies in PHP projects using Composer: Private
Packagist. This talk will cover issues you should consider when making use of
third party dependencies, especially in a business context, as well as give an
outline of how dependency management can help internal processes, and show how
and in which aspects Private Packagist can help you along the way.

Marketing Automation: an Introduction

Name: Jurian Janssen
Session description:
The concept of marketing automation is on the rise in the world of web applications. Systems like Hubspot and Mautic allow marketeers to no longer be busy with filtering customers, finding relations and targeting the right audience, but rather with defining marketing processes and workflows. Marketing automation systems take over the repetitive and analytic tasks from marketeers, allowing them to fully focus on company strategies and campaign design, the jobs a marketeer should do. As more and more companies are discovering the added value of marketing automation it is crucial to address and acknowledge the existence of such systems without TYPO3. Knowing the structure of such systems, and the thought behind marketing automation is key to creating connections between TYPO3 and marketing automation systems. Marketing automation will be a lead point in future release v9 LTS. Therefore understanding the concept, structure and way of thought behind such systems is a key starting point for anyone wishing to add value to their (or their customer’s) system with marketing automation integrations. There are three main questions that need to be answered. Question number one is ‘why’. Why do we need to have a look at these systems, why is it important and why is it interesting for developers to know the general thought behind these systems. The second question is ‘what’, what can we do to accommodate marketing automation systems, and marketeers in general within the TYPO3 environment to support their workflows and needs. The last question is ‘how’, and this question each person needs to answer individually, for themselves, how will we integrate such systems and how will we as a community assist marketeers in their field of expertise. As an example of a ‘how’ I have created an integration for Mautic within TYPO3. I will use this to give examples and create a general idea on how to accommodate marketeers within TYPO3.

Migrate to the new RTE (CKEditor)

Name: Frans Saris
Session description:
During development of TYPO3 8 a lot changed concerning RichtTextEditing in TYPO3. The default behaviour of the saved data changed and we got the an new editor; CKEditor. In my talk I will go through a lot of these changes and show you how to change your site and/or extension configuration to use the new stuff.

On Stage Podcast

Name: Sebastian Michaelsen
Session title: On Stage Podcast
Session description:
Perform an interview with 2 or 3 interesting people from our community in front of an audience. I will try to include live streaming to the world. The interview will later be published on

How to expend your Social Media reach?

Name: Karen Falkenberg
Session description: The example of planning a TYPO3 camp demonstrates how to increase the perception of a camp with social media. As you remember, last year a camp had to be canceled due to a lack of participants. In addition, it has to be questioned how to reach TYPO3 users who have never visited a camp? The different social media platforms can be used for different functions. At first, you get a brief overview of the current social media landscape and you will discover the benefits of several platforms. Afterwards you are introduced to a possible editorial plan for your event planning. In the practical part, we look at actual posts of event announcements as well as answers and participants' posts. How could the shown posts be optimized? How would you rewrite these posts? As a participant, you are invited to actively join the dissemination of event information.

My wife's website

Name: Jigal van Hemert
Session description:
A practical look at building a website with TYPO3 v8. Core features and some custom coding turn a free bootstrap template into a working website.

New little gems in TYPO3 v8

Name: Jigal van Hemert
Session description:
Besides all the large topics there are many small features added to TYPO3 version 8 which are worth to be in the spotlight. We'll take a look at the little things that make the life of editors, integrators and developers a bit better.

LAMP in Containers

Name: Terrence Ryan
Session description:
There is momentum to moving container based systems instead of the traditional single machine (or virtual machine) model. Where does that leave your mission critical LAMP stack application? Can it be containerized? Without tremendous amounts of pain? Of course it can.
Containerizing LAMP stack apps is pretty straight forward, once you know what you're doing. The goal of this session is to get you there. This session will walk you through setting up a LAMP app on an existing Kubernetes cluster using Replica Sets, Stateful Sets, Persistent Volume Mounts, and other Kubernetes tools you need to run the LAMP stack in a container based system.

999+ New Messages - How to handle information overload

Name: Dan Untenzu
Session description:
As TYPO3 developers, integrators, users and managers we face more and more channels and notification systems. While some of them are absolutely needed, others may be total useless. As every active channel and notification may disrupt one's attention the result of the interruption is likely to decrease productivity. In my session I would like to show tools to handle information overload. Most of them are technical, some are strategies. The session is not about organizing a workday however, or how to be more productive in general.

This talk was inspired by a discussion on Twitter about the notification integration in the TYPO3 backend.

The power of CKEditor - Life can be easy with TYPO3

Name: Benni Mack
Session description:
Configuring the Rich Text Editing part of TYPO3 was always
considered a big and painful task.
Core Team leader Benni Mack will take us back in history and
show why it's been a problem for such a long time, to understand
the reasons for so many options... With TYPO3 v8 and CKEditor, we're having fun again. Benni will show what you can do with CKEditor and TYPO3 v8 - using it in your next project.

Inside TYPO3 Caching

Name: Benni Mack
Session Description:
Every TYPO3 developer had the "You have to clear the caches" problem at some point. Benni will give you an overview how the caching framework within TYPO3 works, and what to consider when developing with TYPO3.

Speed is everything: Make your TYPO3 lightning-fast with blackfire

Name: Benni Mack
Session description:
Benni will give an introduction to the performance tool Blackfire,
and show real-life examples what could make TYPO3 really slow... and TYPO3 really fast.
Concentrating on TYPO3 frontend requests, it's all about identifying bottlenecks and bad-code-smell in plugins and extensions.

Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Name: Peter Foerger
Session description:
Overview of the current deployment landscape regarding web applications and especially TYPO3.
We will have a look at the most common tools available and how they implement best practises and stick to proven software development principles. Of course we will have a demo section showcasing dkdeploy, our open source tool we use for years at dkd Internet Service GmbH and how to implement it into other services like for instance.

Creating diversity and awareness in the TYPO3 community

Name: Oliver Klee
Session description:
This session aims to be a step getting our community more diverse in terms of gender, race, (dis)ability, country of origin and other aspects.
In a short talk, we will have a look at the following things:
What is diversity? And in the TYPO3 community, where do we stand concerning diversity?
What hinders diversity? What are some of the hard factors, and what organizational problems and behaviors discourage people from participating?
What do other organizations do to increase diversity?
After that, we will have a workshop/discussion where we will collect ideas about what we can do the TYPO3 community to increase diversity. We will also plan the first steps.

Combining TYPO3 CMS8 and Magento 2

Name: Richard Haeser
Session description:
In this presentation I will take you on our journey how we fulfilled our needs to combine a great CMS with a great e-commerce platform based on the latest techniques and versions of the opensource platforms.

Getting started with test-driven development for TYPO3 CMS

Name: Oliver Klee
Session description:
In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to write basic unit tests for your extbase extensions, why to write them and how to explain this to your project managers. We'll also have a short look at Selenium.
Please bring your laptop with a working development environment for writing TYPO3 extensions.

Self-massage for geeks Schedule Speakers Location Sponsors Self-massage for geeks (totally SFW)

Name: Oliver Klee
Session description:
Relax and learn how to massage your own neck and shoulders after a long day of coding!
In this workshop, you will learn techniques to massage your own shoulders and neck in order to reduce tension after long hours at the computer.
In addition, you will learn to massage your own hands and wrists in order to reduce the risk of RSI (and to just improve your general well-being).
The workshop will be fully clothed and does not involve any use of oil (so there won't be any risk of oil spills).

GPG Keysigning party and Threema scanning meetup

Name: Oliver Klee
Session description:
At this session, we will sign each others GPG keys (or at least swap fingerprints). We will also scan each other's Threema IDs.
What to bring for the GPG key signing (if that's what you're interested in): an ID/passport, 20 printouts of your GPG fingerprint
What to bring for the Threema scanning (if that's what you're interested in): a smartphone with Threema on it
Please create your GPG key and Threema account before the session. The session will not be an introduction to GPG, and there is no time planned for creating GPG keys.
The session will take about half an hour.

TYPO3 8 is here - how we keep EXT:solr uptodate with the TYPO3 core

Name: Timo Hund
Session description:
In this talk i will give an overview about, what we did in EXT:solr to stay close to the development in the TYPO3 core.
I will summarize what we did to provide a 8 LTS compatible release as early as possible. Beside that i will give an overview around the techniques around github that support us to achieve a close release strategy.

CCE (Custom Content Elements) - Best Practice

Name: Nicole Cordes
Session description:
I want to show how to configure and set up custom content elements using mask and mask_export. You will learn about best practice in storing your configuration and templates in an own extension. You get an overview of all the feature the mask_export extension offers and what is the best way to customize even the export content.

Boost your productivity with TYPO3 Console

Name: Helmut Hummel
Session description:
TYPO3 Console has a wide user base already, but not everybody is using the newest features. This means however not tapping the full potential.
In my session I will present how some of these features will simplify and thus speed up development and deployment processes. You will learn to have time to drink a coffee or do more important stuff, because TYPO3 Console takes care of the boring tasks.
Basic composer knowledge is not strictly required to follow my session but very helpful to get more out of it.

Pipeline as Code

Name: Peter Foerger
Session description:
Introduction to the benefits which come with Jenkins 2 like Jenkinsfile and the workflow stage view plugin.

Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.

Name: Peter Foerger
Session description:
Introduction to the software development platform Phabricator and how we use it dkd Internet Service GmbH.

Practical Guide to Deployment of TYPO3 CMS with deployer

Name: Peter Niederlag
Session description:
We have adapted deployer to manage our deployment process for TYPO3 CMS projects. In this talks we like to give an overview on deployer and share our experience with you, the community.
- Introduction to deployer
- Discussion of different deployment strategies
- Practical examples
- Q&A - Bring Semantics inside your TYPO3 installation

Name: Johannes Goslar
Session description: is a new SaaS offering for bringing different semantic functionality easily into your TYPO3 installation:
* automatic image tagging
* semantic image search
* entity linking
* one-click translation
* structured metadata for search engines
* and much more
will be presented and the underlying architecture demonstrated.

Supercharge JavaScript development inside TYPO3

Name: Johannes Goslar
Session description:
This talk will look into recent JavaScript tools and techniques like:
* Webpack
* React
* Typescript
and show you how you can supercharge your development with them by introducing hot reloaded modules and type checking for your JavaScript code inside TYPO3.

Deployment with GitLab CI

Name: Thomas Löffler
Session description:
I want to show you how I am testing and deploying websites and TYPO3 extensions with the possibilities of GitLab.

Yoast SEO for TYPO3

Name: Richard Haeser
Session description:
Everyone knows the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, but now it's available for TYPO3 as well! In this session I will tell you more about how this extension can help you as a website owner, but also how this extension can help you as a developer. And after all this extension is open source so we really like your contribution and ideas!

DAM in the TYPO community

Name:  Hootan Soheilzad
Session description:
Explication of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and how developers and customers can benefit from adding DAM functionality to the solution.

How to make a living as a dedicated TYPO3 extension developer

Name: Jo Hasenau
Session description:
For TYPO3 extension developers there is a catch-22 situation to be solved, since it is hard to generate an acceptable income based on open-source software that has already been shared for free.
With donations, association budgets, crowdfunding and service level agreements we have got several ways of financing available.
We need to find out, which of them is most suitable for extension developers, so they can make a living based on their creations, while providing trustable solutions for TYPO3 agencies, integrators and users.
With our new project Coders.Care we are providing solutions for these tasks that we are going to present during the session.

T3UXW - The TYPO3 User eXperience Week

Name: Jo Hasenau
Session description:
In this session we are going to give you an overview of the results of T3UXW17, which took place end of March. Get some insights on things that have been planned, started or finished by the participants since 2014. If you want to join one of the teams, this will be your way to find out, which topic would be interesting for you. Additionally we will give some information about the lessons learned. Based on these lessons we will slightly change the concept for upcoming T3UXW events, so we will give people who want to participate or invest in the next T3UXW a preview on the plans.

TCCD Live Certification

Name: Marc Willmann
Session description:
During the TYPO3 Developer Days 2017 (#T3DD17) we offer the great opportunity to become TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer.
The TCCD certification is a great op
For now we have about 65 certified developers worldwide graduated - and now, we are looking for... YOU?!!
If you want to join this live certification exam, please make sure you've read the informations on, especially the syllabus for the TCCD certification.
Please note that you need an additional ticket to join the live exam. You may order this via
Please bring also your identity card to the live exam!
This live exam is organized by Marc Willmann & Tom Novotny on behalf of the TYPO3 Education Committee.

t3kit - kickstart webpage in minutes

Name: Jozef Spisiak
Session description:
Our starting package was just recently upgraded to run the fastest TYPO3 8.7 LTS. Come and try out how quickly you can build and host your next site using Themes extension and Docker virtualisation all in one open-source package with composer.

TYPO3 frontend editing


Name: Mattias Nilsson

Session description: The TYPO3 frontend editing have now been released. We want to talk about the crowdfunding campaign, the development phase and the collaboration with the TYPO3 core team. Another part that we cant to cover is the current state and the future of the extension.